Web Research

Firstly, it is important to know who you are and what you want, as we are right here to fulfill your necessity and guide you towards it.

Our SEO services are designed to provide services adapted to all types of sites, and all types of customers, depending on the needs and budget of each. Therefore the following questions needs to be addressed:

1. Why are you looking for a SEO service in Sri Lanka? It may be to get more traffic, leads or may be to improve your brand awareness.

2. Why on-line visibility is important to your business?

3. What is the product or the services you offer and who are the competitors and what are the challenges in your industry?

Depending on these questions we can understand your business, what you offer, your business process and what you expect out of your business. This will help us to pitch the appropriate targeted market and lend you a value added service towards the betterment of your business.

On Page Optimization

So that now we have established our target now it’s the time to customize the website. This is known as on page optimization, changes done on the website or the web page itself by ascertaining the targeted keywords and other ranking factors.

Our SEO Specialist will make sure if the content is in a good quality, site performance, if the title tag is placed with the correct keywords, the URL structure is SEO friendly, the keywords density, site maps and all the other crawlability and technical concerns are done appropriately.

Why on page optimization is important?

It is simply because more your website structure is search engine friendly, you will automatically improve the visibility of the website on search engines.

Off Page Optimization

Once the on page optimization is done next would be the off page optimization, which is done out of the website which contributes to improve the ranking of the website. The objective behind off page optimization is to generate references from other websites and social networks.

This process consist of :

1. Relevant, high quality, high PR link building techniques which are according to the rules and regulations of the search engines.

2. Content marketing

3. Guest blogging, directory submission, Google place promotion and many more.

SEO specialist Sri Lanka offer you a wide range of ways to increase in bound links and generate more and more reference to your website.

Website Growth

As the final stage, any one would like to see the progress on the effort or the money they have invested on. Once all the main elements are fixed:

1. your search engine ranking for the targeted keywords will increase.

2. Your monthly website traffic will increase and though that your it may convert in to sales.

3. And within 3-5 months your website visibility will be within first two pages of the search engines. And gradually it will be on the have its own place on the first page of the search engine.

End of each month we will be sending you a in depth report of your site progress. With our specialist in the field of SEO and monetizing websites for years, we put our expertise at your disposal to help you develop your visibility and increase the profitability of your on-line business in Sri Lanka through search engine optimization.

Enjoy all the power of our SEO strategies and our expertise to help you get ahead of your competitors and dominate your market!


Ruban Kt SEO